*NEW* Fortnite Dances & Emotes in Real Life..! (Travis Scott Rage)

Avaldati 21 apr 2020
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► *NEW* Fortnite Dances & Emotes in Real Life..! (Travis Scott Rage)
Fortnite dances in real life! Best of all Fortnite dances in real life! We all love all the Fortnite dance music. Today, we are looking at Fortnite dance with 100% sync! As you can see, this is how to do the Fortnite dance moves in real life and its exact the same dance as Fortnite. You can take this video as a Fortnite dance tutorial! In this video we showed the following Fortnite dances & emotes in real life:
Rage, Head Banger, Crazyboy, Strut, Dynamic Shuffle, Primo Moves, Scootin, Advanced Math, Bold Stance, Springy, Side Hustle, Never gonna, Party Hips, Poki, Fishin', Ninja Style (Pon Pon), Fright Funk, Pump it, Double up, Cap kick, Feelin' Jaunty, Zombified, Work it, Billy Bounce, Scenario, Default Dance, Smooth Moves

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      Rtzxcv no weed because I guess I don't know what to say and I'm sorry this is so late but I this is either a week that you can help you with that boy you sure it's not your fault but I this

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      I don't like the crazy boy emote

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    so many ppl made videos of travis for fortnite on this day

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    This is the second reason why I don’t like fortnite.
    1st; the community is absolutely horrible
    2nd: where are the credits for all the emotes and the original creators??

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    can someone tell me what feeling jaunty is from

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    most of these are fake

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    Where did you find the head banger music vid?

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    guss the letter ß

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    1:32 seja bem vindo ao time patrions my friend

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    4:51 この不満そうな顔が好きw
    4:51 4:51 4:51
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    Rihanna is doing a South African dance called gwara gwara

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    YouTube hot little bit of pepper

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    My favorite real life dances is Fishin

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    4:23 youve been rick rolled. PIANO STYLE!

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    The first one was kind of weird I'm not trying to be rude

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    and be kind

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    the beats in the struts emote is so sad *cryies

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    I stared at his abs the whole time

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    Yo juice wrld was in billy bounce



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    Ayyy springy hit diff doe cause they did it perfect

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    The fact that we all just got rick rolled makes it a whole lot better

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    Don’t use codes remix

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    all fortnite does is vault good stuff, add bad stuff and people sue epic for stealing there emotes

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    For the emote fright funk I always wonderd if that guy hit his head

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    does anyone know the name of the music video fellin jaunty came from

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    0:35 when the demon in ur room finally gets control of u

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    NİNJA's ArmY

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    Orange Justice: Am I A Joke To You?!

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    For springy the dude in the wight shirt was just showing a tutorial so the first dude was the creator

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      White shirt not a wight shirt

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    3:39 isn’t even the real person doing it. The guy who did it did the dance on TikTok this isn’t the right guy

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    Yo soy la única que habla español