I created my *OWN* Fortnite HALLOWEEN Skins!

Avaldati 24 okt 2020
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I created my *OWN* Fortnite HALLOWEEN Skins!
Today I created 7 Fortnite Custom Skins, they are Halloween/Fortnitemares Themed Fortnite Skins.
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    • Haunted times

      Haunted times

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    • Saima Naz85

      Saima Naz85

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    • first 8

      first 8

      12 päeva tagasi

      your cool

    • Ethan Pilki

      Ethan Pilki

      18 päeva tagasi

      Hey trimix what app/website do you use to make these skins

    • Priscilla De La Trinidad

      Priscilla De La Trinidad

      24 päeva tagasi

      I subcibed for

  • WilsonKatYT


    4 päeva tagasi

    The second one is the best

  • Parker Legends Gaming

    Parker Legends Gaming

    4 päeva tagasi

    Good job making the skin.

  • Ilse Lopez

    Ilse Lopez

    7 päeva tagasi

    Epic should hire you for fortnite

  • Andrew Yt

    Andrew Yt

    7 päeva tagasi

    Trimix can you make me a skin please if you can heart this comment

  • REFL3X 184

    REFL3X 184

    8 päeva tagasi

    how did fortnite not hire him

  • Guna Slaidina

    Guna Slaidina

    9 päeva tagasi

    I like vampire

  • Pedro Productions

    Pedro Productions

    12 päeva tagasi

    Can I have Micheal Myers skin plz

  • Yeet God

    Yeet God

    13 päeva tagasi

    Make a custom diamond foils

  • Crippled Void

    Crippled Void

    13 päeva tagasi

    Can you make pets that go on your back plz?

  • WhoTookMyCheese


    14 päeva tagasi

    Imagine turning this into a $60 pack

  • Maria Flores

    Maria Flores

    14 päeva tagasi

    I’m subed



    15 päeva tagasi

    Can u make a video where u made your own custom ch2 season 5 battle pass plz I would really like to see that 👍

  • Levi Folks

    Levi Folks

    16 päeva tagasi

    I subed

  • Nexus Black

    Nexus Black

    16 päeva tagasi

    You should make a ghost skin same as fortnight but a normal skin

  • Angie Buster

    Angie Buster

    17 päeva tagasi

    Make a mha (my hero academia) skin (especially deku)

  • Gilmarie Flores

    Gilmarie Flores

    17 päeva tagasi

    So amazing🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Syth Montages

    Syth Montages

    17 päeva tagasi

    Devil girl already exist!!!

  • Flixz


    19 päeva tagasi

    Yo I’m let’s talk about how many friends you have

  • Troy Burciaga

    Troy Burciaga

    19 päeva tagasi

    Can I have a ghost writer Skin

  • Glitched Demon

    Glitched Demon

    19 päeva tagasi

    Since you used the jonesy head you should call it Jonestein

  • Judah Slusher

    Judah Slusher

    20 päeva tagasi

    I Just Submitted my Custom Skin

  • Sean Bokwala

    Sean Bokwala

    20 päeva tagasi

    does anybody knows what trimix uses plz because i'm trying to know what app that is

  • Csaba Hegedűs

    Csaba Hegedűs

    20 päeva tagasi

    pls do the galaxy renegade raider

  • Chase Harlan

    Chase Harlan

    20 päeva tagasi

    Can you send me the link to the custon skin website?

  • Helloim Cam

    Helloim Cam

    21 päev tagasi

    The witch skin was fire

  • Josiah Bessermin (Student)

    Josiah Bessermin (Student)

    21 päev tagasi

    I think you should make a Travis Scott skin but with the head of fishy

  • Scratchy Gnat

    Scratchy Gnat

    21 päev tagasi

    Omg, He has 690 friends I thought fornite might break if you had lots of friends.

  • Parker Poliwag

    Parker Poliwag

    22 päeva tagasi

    cool sub to goulz and Trmiz

  • Brody Green

    Brody Green

    22 päeva tagasi

    The best was the cat and witch and vampire

  • jayden henshaw_

    jayden henshaw_

    22 päeva tagasi

    Le vampire était tellement cool que j’ai adoré

  • Jodie Campbell

    Jodie Campbell

    23 päeva tagasi

    I subscribed

  • 1hour videos

    1hour videos

    23 päeva tagasi

    midas coming for pack remenber

  • The_tasteless_t-rex


    23 päeva tagasi

    You know that the base skin for the devil girl already has a devil style

  • Zexzi


    23 päeva tagasi

    goku skin imagine the hair

  • Zexzi


    23 päeva tagasi

    yo should base one off kenaki from Tokyo ghoul 4 edit styles one when he is just got an eyepatch on him and its white black hair and male and then style with his mask and eye patch and then one when he has white hair and his right eye is glowing red and without mask and 1 when hes got the white hair and his eye glowing red and cracks on the bottom his eye and with his mask on

  • PlaZma_Dark 987

    PlaZma_Dark 987

    24 päeva tagasi

    The pumpkin girl is my favorite

  • Toby Faulk

    Toby Faulk

    24 päeva tagasi

    The devil girl is my fave

  • Scornek


    24 päeva tagasi

    wow nice credit to the concept creator you didn't even say his name

  • Xerity


    24 päeva tagasi

    HI i did the get your own skin thing if i win please Add XerityIQ on fortnite

  • Anzar Fun

    Anzar Fun

    25 päeva tagasi

    I just entered a skin that I want into the link hope you like it

  • Aka Power

    Aka Power

    25 päeva tagasi

    For Frank his arms were so long

  • Principal Textill

    Principal Textill

    26 päeva tagasi

    Lol midas is garl

  • Cesar Lucero

    Cesar Lucero

    26 päeva tagasi

    The slinder man

  • Aiden Abdullah

    Aiden Abdullah

    26 päeva tagasi

    Plz male a dead hulk or she hulk

  • JT Staszak

    JT Staszak

    26 päeva tagasi

    Can u make me a skin pls

  • Nikki Gonzales

    Nikki Gonzales

    26 päeva tagasi

    They should do a Friday the 13th skin that would be awesome

  • CasperYoutube


    26 päeva tagasi

    Wait can you get banned for this

  • Darth Farter

    Darth Farter

    26 päeva tagasi

    These need to be added!



    27 päeva tagasi


  • Lucy


    27 päeva tagasi

    Your vids make me 😃 🙂

  • Øyvind Thor

    Øyvind Thor

    27 päeva tagasi

    Its Frankenstein’s Monster!!!!!

  • charlie roome

    charlie roome

    27 päeva tagasi


  • John Olson

    John Olson

    27 päeva tagasi

    You are great at modeling, but i wish the calls and reactions were legit. i can tell because of how you cropped the discord screen so you can only see the call icons and not the chat.

  • coltazor gaming

    coltazor gaming

    27 päeva tagasi

    epic should hire you

  • Sanela Nadarevic

    Sanela Nadarevic

    27 päeva tagasi

    Name of the app that you make skins

  • Globe Films

    Globe Films

    27 päeva tagasi


  • Braedon Bovill

    Braedon Bovill

    27 päeva tagasi

    I liked and subscribed with notifications on can i get a custom skin?? If you see this, i would like a husky skin with gucci clothes

  • Enderby family

    Enderby family

    27 päeva tagasi

    Your vampire Jonesy looks ugly



    27 päeva tagasi

    trimx is the best youtuber i needa battlpass

  • rodo


    27 päeva tagasi

    These skin ideas are very good but I would like more original and fresh faces from Fortnite rather than Jounesy's face.

  • Nerrisa Brown

    Nerrisa Brown

    27 päeva tagasi


  • DireOmardemon


    27 päeva tagasi

    there is already a devil skin but the one u created was better

  • Boogieplayz -DDC

    Boogieplayz -DDC

    27 päeva tagasi

    The amount of ideas he has of skins is beyond numbers

  • Graham Christopher Denison Dark Voyager

    Graham Christopher Denison Dark Voyager

    27 päeva tagasi

    Can you make a CAT scan without the robot body I mean kit skin

  • Erick Paluku

    Erick Paluku

    27 päeva tagasi

    Subscribed so can you make me a One skin because my epic user name is cache Eric

  • BluSigma


    27 päeva tagasi

    Punpkin girl is made of bacon

  • Lalaland10 1050

    Lalaland10 1050

    28 päeva tagasi

    I love your vids trimix😍

  • Excalser The Great

    Excalser The Great

    28 päeva tagasi

    So just 1 youtuber. Btw.

  • KooptroopGAMES


    28 päeva tagasi

    these are better than the skins that are actually coming out of only shadow Midas would come out :/

  • Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel Rodriguez

    28 päeva tagasi

    Make mine plz



    28 päeva tagasi


  • gio palma

    gio palma

    28 päeva tagasi

    ok ill sub if u add me at Mikintina on fortnite



    28 päeva tagasi

    ALTERNATIVE: style i joined alia with leaked skins

  • Michael Greiff

    Michael Greiff

    28 päeva tagasi

    the devil skin and the vampire was my fav

  • Poizon X

    Poizon X

    28 päeva tagasi

    hey trimix I just started my channel And I was was wondring if you can make me a concept (or if you can a working skin) I would love it I also likeed and subbed

  • J2


    28 päeva tagasi

    The devil skin look sick= ]

  • mihaelagolfita


    28 päeva tagasi

    There already is a Devil skin

  • Samu_


    28 päeva tagasi

    What is the name of 0:00 intro music?

  • jaden perez

    jaden perez

    28 päeva tagasi

    i think epic should hire trimix

  • wictor og venene

    wictor og venene

    28 päeva tagasi

    Do a zombie meaws kols

  • Ignition_ Krazy

    Ignition_ Krazy

    28 päeva tagasi

    Im jealous!

  • SPLITZ on 60hz

    SPLITZ on 60hz

    28 päeva tagasi

    Pause on omins and 37 seconds then unsub

  • Alex Plays Fortnite

    Alex Plays Fortnite

    28 päeva tagasi

    the second skins skin looks like bacon has no one else noticed it

  • Michael Jimmy Franco

    Michael Jimmy Franco

    28 päeva tagasi

    Please can you tell me in which app did you create this skin

    • Michael Jimmy Franco

      Michael Jimmy Franco

      28 päeva tagasi


    • Michael Jimmy Franco

      Michael Jimmy Franco

      28 päeva tagasi


    • Michael Jimmy Franco

      Michael Jimmy Franco

      28 päeva tagasi


    • Michael Jimmy Franco

      Michael Jimmy Franco

      28 päeva tagasi


    • Michael Jimmy Franco

      Michael Jimmy Franco

      28 päeva tagasi


  • Neanatic


    28 päeva tagasi

    There is like 3 devil girl skins already but your versions are better

  • Crystal Torres

    Crystal Torres

    28 päeva tagasi

    and i liked the vid

  • Crystal Torres

    Crystal Torres

    28 päeva tagasi

    add me JettRocketSpeed3

  • Reo on crackers

    Reo on crackers

    28 päeva tagasi

    My man should be working for epics skin creator!

  • Charles 246

    Charles 246

    28 päeva tagasi

    Dude i love your vids you deserve more subs

  • aaronn c

    aaronn c

    28 päeva tagasi

    hey trimix i am you biggest fan and i was wondering if you could give me the gucci ikonik skin

  • flute boy

    flute boy

    28 päeva tagasi


  • Vinz


    28 päeva tagasi

    Switch back to leaks. All this other stuff is being over done and it sucks

  • Zac Fortnite

    Zac Fortnite

    28 päeva tagasi

    Best you tuber keep it up pleas

  • Natalie Jibat

    Natalie Jibat

    28 päeva tagasi

    Can you tell me the name of the app you make skins from I have a skin to do!so can you comment to me and tell me the app name!?plz!!!!!

  • 7 clan

    7 clan

    28 päeva tagasi

    make shadow skin

  • yousef x gaming

    yousef x gaming

    28 päeva tagasi

    Epic you gotta hire this man to make skins , his skins are insanely amazing

  • Kyle Eshborn

    Kyle Eshborn

    28 päeva tagasi

    Why dislike it's not like they could do much better👍👍

  • Doctor Sox

    Doctor Sox

    28 päeva tagasi

    *Frankenstein's monster

  • Nyjah Ruiz

    Nyjah Ruiz

    28 päeva tagasi

    Can you pls make a lab rats cost on skin season 2 mission suite and gravity falls custom skin

    • Nyjah Ruiz

      Nyjah Ruiz

      28 päeva tagasi

      Can you make all three Adam, brea, and chase